Friday, November 21, 2008


I had a girl's day out and we went to High Tea at the New Orleans Tea Room. It's in Omaha at a shop called A Girl's Best Friend at 4655 Leavenworth and Very fun.

The southern belles above are my daughter Josie--gonna make me a grandma one of these days soon. And her good friend Deb. We had a lesson on communicating with hand fans and right now, I'm not positive, but they might be subtly telling me to knock off the pictures so we can eat.

Note the crown on Josie's head. We got to designate a 'special guest' and I picked Josie because she's expecting...that makes you special, huh? Looking back, now that I've seen that cool fan, I wish I'd have chosen myself. It's even more true because now my daughter refuses to answer to anyone unless they called her Queen Josie....very annoying.

The Queen gets a very SPECIAL fan, too, feathery. And she could use it to whack people with, which was okay because it didn't hurt much...

This is my sister Linda. Sitting in front of a silver tea service...having quite a good time, if you'll notice. The tea pots and tray and cream and sugarer are so perfect and shiny and heavy you just can barely resist filling your tea cup over and over. But why resist? We guzzled tea like it was high octane and we were a bunch of Humvees...

Here's a close-up of the tea pots.

This is one of a hundred pretty little things A Girl's Best Friend sells. Besides these little tea delights, they have beautiful clothes. I wished I'd have gotten there earlier, before our reservation time, so I could have shopped more. The clothes are pretty, jackets and dressy pant suits, the kind of thing that you could wear anywhere, and have a bit of flash.
The store's motto--DARE TO BE REMARKABLE
I like that.Linda Smith with her husband Bob, owns and operates the shop. Linda worked as a chef for Al Pacino for years before coming to Omaha.

A Girl's Best Friend has, of course -- DIAMONDS
And lots of special jewelry and purses you just about can't leave without. And the shop had signs up all around for sale, and pretty touches everywhere.
This one...well, I messed up the hanging of the ribbon so maybe you can't read it.

I only drink to make people more interesting.

Don't Make Me Get the Flying Monkeys.

I think we've all had days like THIS.

And while you're sipping the wonderful tea and, we also had coffee, something mocha I think, this lady, whose name I failed to get (shame on me) gave us a demonstration on communicating with a hand fan.

We who were drinking tea got the subtle messages, supposedly to warn men off or lure them in. But we all know enough men to doubt seriously any man could catch the nuance.
But it was a different world when southern belles wandered about with Hand Fans
so who knows.
And if the fan doesn't do it, we got a lesson on --
What do all those genteel Southern expressions mean? And we were kindly asked to read them aloud, using our best Southern Belle voices, a prize goes to the most natural Southern Belle among us...I won. :)
These signs get bigger if you click on them.
Tacky Oh, my my

La, Dee Dah

Kiss My Grits
Shut my mouth
A Lady Always Knows When it's Time to Leave
And my personal favorite:
Bless her little heart
Gather a group, make sure you make reservations ahead and have High Tea at


CherryBlossomMJ said...

Oh, I love it! My sister used to live in DC and once when I was visiting we went to a High Tea at the Ritz Carlton at Tyson Corners. It was dreamy. Then we went on a trip to London in the summer of 2005 and had a High Tea every other day for a week and I loved every bit of it in the various historic places. Betsy liked it so much, she went off and moved to Scotland. *grin*

Mary Connealy said...

It was wonderful. We had I think, six fussy little sandwiches, very delicious and presented so beautifully.
then a plate with three desserts. And then chocolate at the end.

Much nicer than my usual lunch of a peanut butter sandwich and a diet coke.

Although, in fairness to myself, I buy the GOOD peanut butter.

Pam Crooks said...

Mary, thank you for telling us about this! It sounds like the perfect place to take relatives at Christmas!