Sunday, November 02, 2008

I got Of Mice. . .and Murder

I got my hands on my first copy of

Of Mice. . .and Murder
I read it yesterday.
Pretty fun.

Different for me so I hope people like it.

If you aren't a member of the
Heartsong Presents Mysteries book club it's hard to get.

If you don't join--then you wait.
Of Mice. . .and Murder will release next JUNE
in a book containing the whole series called
Buy it here
but it won't be delivered until JUNE.
Of Mice. . .and Murder
Pride and Pestilence
The Miceman Cometh

This book will be called Nosy in Nebraska because the books are set in a small Nebraska town that is obsessed with their town Mascot, Maxie-The World's Largest Field Mouse.

It's just real wacky, I had a lot of fun poking gentle fun at small town Nebraska, which is where I live and where I think EVERYBODY should live. The best people on earth dwell here. but they're not without quirks and, by the way, what quirks we don't have...I just made up. :)

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