Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Stuhr Museum-Grand Island, Nebraska

At the Stuhr Museum in Grand Island, Nebraska. An old, old, old car. did I mention it's OLD?

I love the log cabin farm place. The house, the barn, the fence-check out that fence. Seriously formidable, let those blasted bunnies try and get through there!

But the wild turkeys? How cool is that? They were just passin' through.

I love this fence. I'd never seen such a thing before. Did homesteaders really have fences like this? Unlike now, if a bunny ate your lettuce or a raccoon ate your sweet corn, you might STARVE so I suppose it WAS serious.

This is the barn. I didn't take a good enough picture here, but on the right there's an overhang-- a kind of porch roof, and under that were tools and barn-y kinda stuff so it must be a barn.

More turkey. More angles on the cabins. Love those log buildings.

A teepee. I'm not sure how authentic this is but the Stuhr Museum is trying to be very historically faithful so it's probably pretty good, huh?

This is an old buggy, probably pretty fancy for it's time, with red paint and black leather. Sadly, it's in better shape than the wreck I drive to work.

During summer hours all these buildings are staffed, so a man would be in this blacksmith shop uh...blacksmithing? Whatever that is? I know there's an anvil involved. Right?

A fair price. Please, buy a bath on occasion...I'm speaking to my forefathers. It's too late and I guess they thrived since ... HERE I AM. But still.........

I loved the look of this place. the wooden windmill, the red barn, the small grain bin...or is it a holding tank for water. I'll bet that's it. Then the house, which is in the background, would have water pressure. How GREEN is that? No electricity anywhere.

A closer shot of the farm place. House, barn, windmill

A bank. Why do I just feel this place waiting to be robbed? I'm a novelist, that's why. We need conflict, crime, trouble. Where's are story if everyone's getting along and being law abiding???
Some of these artifacts, buildings and details will definitely work their way into my books.

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