Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Is it Missouri? Or is it a BLT?

20-Ton Mayonnaise Spill
Shuts Down Part of Missouri Interstate

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. -- A stretch of Interstate 44 in Springfield, Mo., was closed for several hours over the weekend when a tractor-trailer crashed, spilling 20 tons of mayonnaise onto the road, the Kansas City Star reported Sunday.

Police closed the eastbound lanes of the section of Interstate while crews worked to clean up the 40,000 lbs of mayonnaise that spilled out Saturday after the driver of the tractor-trailer lost control and drove into the median.
Lt. Scott Leven of the Springfield Police Department said walking on the spilled mayonnaise was like walking on ice, but no injuries were reported.

Mary here: This reminds me of an incident when all four children were home and the tomatoes were fresh and someone dropped a jar of Miracle Whip........
Throw in a trailer of hogs and a semi load of tomatoes and suddenly it's not a disaster, it's a PARTY.
One further comment....are there TANKERS full of Mayo? And where are they headed? Subway?
Or did a zillion jars all break open at once and get SPREAD all over?

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