Monday, March 28, 2011

Santa--Looking for the escape hatch

I needed a picture of me when I was young for Seekerville.
This isn't the one I used but it came to light while I was hunting.
I'm the one at the top, left. (hint, I'm the one without a beard).
My family (there are many more to be born)
Left to right, top:
Mary (4), Santa (Getting older by the minute), Nila (5)
Middle: Don (2 yrs and six months) and baby Lois (six months)
Front and Center: Big sister Ruth (6)
Did you get those ages?
New, two, four, five, six
And my mother lived to tell the tale.
This picture was really battered, creases in it, the flecks of white.
Here's the original. (above)
I fooled around with it trying to erase the creases with the cloning tool on my Photoshop Elements 9.
I really have no idea what I'm doing and it wasn't that successful, although it looks much better.
There were three creases, the two on the bottom left corner are almost gone.
The one across the middle of the picture was hard because I couldn't get the color of the grey coats right.

But if I lightened it much more (like here) Lois's face (the baby) just loses all detail
and the flecks begin looking like a blizzard,
even though I used the cloning tool to erase a lot of them.
More appear when I get lighter.
Also the 'cloning' is more noticable.
It's fun to play with the tools though.

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